This is my touring report "Go! Go! Malaysia[20060316-22]". That place is a paradise for motorcycle riders!!!

Here is a palm field.
Wonderful off-road and the blue sky..
The Malaysian staff's good support.
All members cooperate and make a path.
It's Mr. Azran's first time to run off-road. What a good smile he has!!!
Mr. Mit is a hot hot rider. ;-)
Mr. Okita challenges the climb....
Mr. Ran cleared easily. He is cool.
Hey Hey Mit! Are you OK!?
It's my turn...
No!! Where are you going!?
Mr. Mura is a very good fellow.
A rest under the palm...
A rest under the water...
Big waterfall in Kuantan.
Big suspension bridge in Kuantan.
Terima Kasih!!
MOVIE:Howto ride the SEROW.
MOVIE:Howto ride the WR.
MOVIE:Howto ride the KX.
MOVIE:river section. .

Jumpa lagi!!

I had a great time in Malaysia again. It' always makes me feel like I'm on a summer vacation. The next chance I'm going to visit in June and November this year. Shall we go to paradise together?

Thanks for all my friends! Jumpa lagi!!