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"The Features of Our Japanese Language Education"
Kogakuin(K.I..I.)traces its origin to a "yobiko", prep school,where intensive preparatory training for entrance into schools of higher level was given to students from the fourth to twelfth grades. In terms of the quality of education and instructors'teaching experience one of the best schools in Tochigi prefecture. K.I.I.has also been providing opportunities in language education with great efforts;studying abroad or English conversation through lessons from qualified native English speaking teachers. In these days,World is becoming smaller and smaller with borderless developing for I.T.progress. This is response to the growing demand from both within and outside the country for greater opportunities for international exchange through Japanese language lessons of Kogakuin for World peace and understanding one another. Furthermore,Kogakuin has recently been approved as a certified Japanese language communitycollage by the Government.
The features of Kogakuin are in our curriculum which will consist not only of classroom lessons but also of various kind of outdoor activities as well as self-training courses in various kind of subjects using VTR and other electronic facilities. Students can have opportunities to learn almost all subjects including English if one wants.
And what's more, the location of Kogakuin is another advantage:only 80 kilometers from Tokyo, easily accessible by JR or Tobu trains, or an hour by car on the Tohoku expressway. Despite this proximity, living costs including food prices are about 30% lower than in Tokyo. Here is ideal for students looking toward a real opportunity for training and quality education in pleasant surroundings.

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